Envisioning the future of education technology | Envisioning Technology

Unfortunately, this thought-provoking graphic from Envisioning Technology completely leaves out the fact that technology is already playing an important role in experiential education. The choice of domains (classroom, studio, and virtual) fails to recognize the tremendous amount of learning that takes place by people in the places where they live. I suppose one might argue that the community is equivalent to a studio, but I believe that it is a far less controlled and predictable space than most studios. Therefore, it has an unlimited potential to inspire, re-frame and re-interpret information, ideas and knowledge. What do you think?

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Envisioning the future of education technology

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Educational Technology Trends

From: Five Trends to Watch in Educational Technology by Rob Reynolds

  1. Curriculum (The definition of curriculum is changing.)
  2. OER Learning Platforms (What was once closed is now open.)
  3. Learning Analytics (Assessment ain’t what it used to be.)
  4. Smart Mobile Devices (Tablets and smartphones are replacing computers)
  5. E-books and Digital Reading (This is not a fad folks.)

Technology and the Completion Agenda – Inside Higher Ed

The Inside Higher Ed article, Technology and the Completion Agenda isn’t about civic engagement in particular, but it does demonstrate how the work of innovative education technologists will be closer to the core of teaching and learning moving forward. The same concerns regarding technology and education relevance must be addressed by those of us who promote experiential education.