Social Media: Peril + Promise — In These Times

There is a fascinating article at IN THESE TIMES by Deanna Zandt, reminding us that the world of social media still operates within a world that contains some deeply-rooted, oppressive structures and ideas.

The ease with which we share information enables us to engage with social justice issues at speeds previously unimaginable. But that speed can come with traps. If we want to connect with each other in ways that will support change in the world, we must learn to maneuver around old-style thinking that keeps us out of important discussions and around networks that unintentionally marginalize others.

The Internet’s lack of institutional structure shouldn’t be confused with equality. Funny thing: When you remove explicit structure from a group (leaders, hierarchies, process) it turns out that implicit structure arises—structure based on people’s personal biases, prejudices and class interests.

Read the full article Social Media: Peril + Promise — In These Times.


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