Teaching with Twitter

Take a look at this recent blog post by Mark Sample on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s ProfHacker blog. It looks at potential benefits of using Twitter as a teaching tool. The potential for immediate, concise reflection, as well as providing another way for less vocal students to add to discussions might also make it a good addition to civic engagement efforts.

“[Twitter] can be an effective one-way communication tool for sharing news or broadcasting links over the weekend. Or it can be used in class itself as a two-way backchannel. Or try Twitter as a platform for reflective thinking, asking students at the end of class to sum up the most valuable lesson of the day. In my experience, having only 140 characters to do so will actually make it much more likely the students give a concise and focused reflection, rather than some canned response they think you want to hear.” MORE


1 thought on “Teaching with Twitter

  1. Thanks for the links. After a furtive experience with Twitter in a summer course, I dive into the fray more intentionally this fall. This information – especially the Twitter matrix – helps me think more clearly about how to use Twitter effectively.

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