Research Project Reveals Major Changes in Online Behavior

The largest ever global research project into people’s online activities and behavior – Digital Life – was launched recently, ‘digital day’ by TNS, the world’s biggest custom research company.  Covering nearly 90 per cent of the world’s online population through 50,000 interviews with consumers in 46 countries, the study reveals a number of interesting changes including:

– Globally, people who have on-line access have digital sources as their number one media channel.  61% of online users use the internet daily against 54% for TV, 36% for Radio and 32% for Newspapers.

– Activities such as blogging and social networking are gaining momentum at huge speed in rapid growth markets. The research shows four out of five online users in China (88%) and over half of those in Brazil (51%) have written their own blog or forum entry, compared to only 32% in the US.

– Growth in social networking has been fueled by the transition from PC to mobile.  Mobile users spend on average 3.1 hours per week on social networking sites compared to just 2.2 hours on email.

Data from the study is available at

Adapted from the press release at


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