Email is still the “killer app”

I just did a Google search for the phrase “death of email” that yielded about 1,720,000,000 results. Reports of the death of email, however, are greatly exaggerated.

I remember doing presentations a decade ago where I referenced the Gilbert Email Manifesto. It was a piece written by Michael Gilbert that started with the sentence: “Repeat after me: Email is more important than my web site!” Among Gilbert’s arguments were that email pushed people to places on the web, and that it also provides an identity and two-way communication in a context where people treat inboxes like to-do lists.

Despite the explosion of social media in recent years (750 million Facebook users, 300 million Twitter accounts), email is still a dominant force in the world of digital communication. As this infographic from (see image on right) reminds us, “There are nearly 3 times as many email accounts as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined.”

Email is still the “killer app.”


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