Contribute to New Book on Impact of Technology on Governance and Politics

The editors of, Digital Democracy and the Impact of Technology on Governance and Politics: New Globalized Practices, have issued a call for chapters. Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Digital politics, digital democracy, e-governance: theoretical foundations.
  • Political participation and electronic citizenship: the possibilities and endangerments of cyberspace for democratic dialogue and political pluralism.
  • Technology and e-governance: Public and supranational policy making.
  • Digital democracy and civil society. The role of technology for the NGO’ s and social movements.
  • Democracy in the prospect of Globalization and information era: the implications for the traditional representative democracy.
  • Electronic citizenship and democracy across borders: political inclusion and political seclusion.
  • The social parameters of digital democracy: social politics and social seclusions.
  • Elective processes and electronic voting: practices and policies in favor of supranational democracy.
  • E-governance and policy making in the U.S and the European Union.
  • Transparency, accountability and democratic legitimacy and the modern role of technology and cyberspace in their realization.
  • Technology as a means for direct democracy and as a remedy for political apathy.
  • The transformation of democracy in the era of cyberspace and globalization: what are the challenges and threats?
  • The use of technology in political decision making: freedom of speech, referenda and digital participation.
  • Public surveillance of political participation and the notion of political anonymity.

Click here for more details.


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