Free Brainstorming Apps

A common theme explored on this site is the fact that nearly all college students have mobile devices, and that increasingly those “phones” are smart phones. Why then, are we not taking full advantage of this fact to more effectively connect student learning to the community?

The post, Let’s Brainstorm with Mobile Devices! 15+ Free Apps for IOS/Android, from Teacher Reboot Camp, gives a pretty good overview of a category of mobile apps that people aggregating ideas in a community might find very useful.

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Free app lets you use your smartphone as a walkie talkie

If you are doing field work or work in larger groups that requires instant voice communication as well as the ability voxerlogoto instantly share text or photos in real time; you might want to check out Voxer. If you want to go social, Voxer will also integrate with Facebook and address book contacts.The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Crowdshout phone app mobilizes issue supporters

Crowdshout is a free social activism phone app configured with a set of action tools to help promote causes. You choose your cause and it points you to information and ways to act like emailing or calling elected officials, or sharing information with your networks via social media.


Crowdshout from Board Studios on Vimeo.