18-24 Year Olds Send 67 Texts a Day

If you are working with young adults and want to communicate timely information, here is one word of advise – TEXT.

According to Experian, U.S. smartphone owners aged 18 to 24 send 2,022 texts per month on average — 67 texts on a daily basis — and receive another 1,831. Read more at businessinsider.com

Profile of an Online College Student [infographic]

As you know, one of the things that this site focuses on is trying to understand how we might merge civic engagement and experiential learning with online education. It is probably important, therefore, to understand as much as we can about online students.Even though I am reluctant to pay too much attention to things that put people in boxes; the data expressed in this infographic from onlinecolleges.com provides some data worth paying attention to regarding online students.

Profile of an Online College Student
Courtesy of: Online Colleges