Recording a better quality of audio on your mobile phone

I am a big proponent of capturing the voices of all the players in civic engagement activities. Now that most people are walking around with pretty high quality digital recorders, it seems to make sense to understand how we might make the best recordings possible. If you want some good fundamental advice, check out the following piece by Lindsay Kalter, on the International Journalist’s Network blog, “How to record clear audio on a mobile phone.”


Record quality audio reports and interviews with your phone

Just about reportereverybody has an audio recorder in their pocket these days. If you are involved in projects related to citizen journalism, oral history, advocacy, or key informant evaluation interviews, you might want to check out this post by Melissa Ulbricht, on MobileActive’s, Mobile Media Toolkit site. It contains links to a number of case studies and training guides that will help you use audio in a compelling and effective way.