Facebook study groups find an app

I remember reading about Ryerson University student Chris Avenir, in Clay Shirky’s, Cognitive Surplus. Avenir was the student who was threatened with expulsion for setting up a virtual study group on Facebook. Now some folks at Purdue have developed a Facebook app to encourage that same activity. The times they are-a-changin’.


Facebook: “abysmally low” customer satisfaction

By John Hamerlinck

Earlier this week Inside Facebook reported on the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report, which reports on consumer satisfaction with Web companies. According to the report, Facebook has an “abysmally low” customer satisfaction rating.

Why then is Facebook doing so well? Apparently, there are three basic reasons: 1) Facebook is a monolpoy of sorts; 2) younger people don’t care as much about things like privacy policies; and 3) people must believe that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

These are very interesting ideas to ponder as we try to understand what role mediated reality will have on civic engagement. Are monopolies, privacy concerns and wide scale mistrust conducive to developing a more vibrant civic life? Does the same kind of settling for less than acceptable standards offline add to the challenges faced by communities?

Read the Inside Facebook analysis of the report here. The full ACSI report is available here.