The Must-Have EdTech Cheat Sheet | infographic

Here is a great overview infographic we found at Edudemic.


Can We Teach Compassion? [Infographic]

The infographic below was brought to my attention by an Australian education advocate named Tess Pajaron. It presents some of the evidence that students with educational service experiences are more likely to be engaged in their communities after graduation. For me it reinforces the idea that we really need to figure out ways to embed community engagement into the experiences of online students as well. The benefits to the students, and to society are just too great to miss the opportunity.


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Envisioning the future of education technology | Envisioning Technology

Unfortunately, this thought-provoking graphic from Envisioning Technology completely leaves out the fact that technology is already playing an important role in experiential education. The choice of domains (classroom, studio, and virtual) fails to recognize the tremendous amount of learning that takes place by people in the places where they live. I suppose one might argue that the community is equivalent to a studio, but I believe that it is a far less controlled and predictable space than most studios. Therefore, it has an unlimited potential to inspire, re-frame and re-interpret information, ideas and knowledge. What do you think?

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Envisioning the future of education technology

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