Service-Learning in Online Courses Webinar

By John Hamerlinck

Here are the follow-up items from the February 9, 2010 webinar on servive-learning in online courses.

Topics covered included:

  • How are faculty currently implementing service-learning in online courses? What are the challenges and benefits?
  • What types of service are students engaging in? Community-based research? Separate place-based volunteering at individual sites?
  • What opportunities could online service-learning open up? International partnerships? Serving more rural communities or communities without colleges or universities?

Jean R. Strait, Hamline University, co-editor of The Future of Service Learning: New Solutions for Sustaining and Improving Practice; and John Hamerlinck, Minnesota Campus Compact.

Presentations note: If you register at (its free!) you can download the full PPT files to your computer.

Jean Strait’s presentation

John Hamerlinck’s presentation


The Center for Digital Civic Engagement is a project of Minnesota Campus Compact. The CDCE will serve as a resource for sharing information on the study and practice of

  1. the innovative use of digital technologies to support civic engagement in higher education
  2. and service-learning in online teaching

We will initially promote resource sharing and examples of good practice. Our hope is to expand the scope of this work to include an online peer reviewed journal and to explore the potential of coordinated multi-institutional or multi-course projects.