Another innovative mobile phone use

Looking for more innovative uses for mobile phones?

Here’s a story by Lourdes Aceves, from LISC‘s Institute for Comprehensive Community Development site that tells how Pittsburgh’s, Community Technical Assistance Center, has been mobilizing local teens with smartphones to inventory properties and vacant land in several of that city’s neighborhoods.


Mobile Phone Webinar Recap

Here is the presentation from our webinar on using mobile phones as a tool for community engagement. You can download the actual presentation at (requires free registration).

Other Follow-up

There was a question about using texting to advertise a volunteer event to a volunteer list.

I think your best bet might be Broadtexter. It’s free, you can manage it all from the Web, and there are no size limits to the number of people on your list. The hardest part might be opting people into the list. That can be done a couple of different ways. You can get more details on their website

Here are some sites that participants mentioned in the chat.

  • The site was mentioned as a fundraising model.
  • Someone mentioned that some of the mapping examples resembled
  • The volunteer management site was recommended.

Also, if you have recommendations for smartphone apps that should be developed to promote social good leave your ideas in the comments below.