8 tools to help you fundraise for a cause | Socialbrite

This article by Lindsay Oberst, at socialbrite.org, gives a pretty good overview of the benefits and downsides of websites that help you raise money from individuals, for both nonprofits and personal causes. If you are involved in projects that don’t usually involve traditional grantwriting, be sure to look at the section on fundraising as an individual. Read the full post here.


Using data and texting to influence change

dosomething.org project

There is a great post by Beth Kanter, on the Socialbrite blog, that tells how dosomething.org used data to inform their strategy for a project to reduce teen pregnancy. In an update of a teen pregnancy education program where young people carry eggs around and pretend they are babies, text messages replaced the eggs. Any time of the day or night, a participant would get a text message saying that the baby needed to be changed, fed, or was crying. Read the full story here.

Hashtags for Social Change

Twitter users hashtaguse hashtags to aggregate and find posts relevant to a particular topic. The folks at Socialbrite have created a very useful list called, “45 hashtags for social change.” Check it out even if you don’t currently have a Twitter account. Seeing the posts under hashtags for topics of interest to you might help you better understand how Twitter could be of value to your communications strategy.